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Why I Always Go Shopping at the Same Place (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Shopping has become a part of our everyday routine long ago. People now have access to different kinds of goods, one of the most essential ones being food. And this is where some people part ways, dividing into two large groups, one of them thinking that it is better to buy food in the same place and the other thinking right the opposite.

What concerns me, I am sure that going to visit different places to buy food at is a better option. Firstly, you get a wider variety of foodstuffs to choose from and therefore a bigger diversity. Secondly, this diversity quickly teaches you to tell a normal product apart from an expired one, which is also a good skill. Finally, choosing best food from different markets brings you the most joy in the end, when you make a meal of it.

However, some other people think differently.

What they usually say in their defense is, to start with, that there is a higher risk of buying something expired or rotten. They also claim that it is safer for your health knowing for sure what you are buying.

But anyway, both these points are ultimately denied by the advantages you get from purchasing in several different food stores, those being a very good eye for unexpired products and strategic thinking.

To sum up, I would like to state once more that visiting different food places not only makes your ration more diverse, but develops your thoughtfulness as well.


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