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Some people say that playing computer games is the best way to spend your free time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is an opinion among adults that computer games are useless and even harmful activities that distract children from their studies. In many families, parents allow children to play on the computer only for a short time, and sometimes even forbid them to indulge in this activity, considering it harmful.

ut do computer games really pose such a serious threat? It seems, however, that they, like any other phenomenon, have both disadvantages and advantages. To prove my point, I will give arguments " for".

I would like to make to point that much depends on the choice of game. Firstly, there are many games that develop reaction, attention, memory, logic, non-standard thinking, and strategic vision of the situation. There are games based on real events that unfold in real-world locations and contain a lot of encyclopedic information.

These games can be a great help in studying history, geography, and some other school subjects.

Moreover, during the game, you can meet interesting people. If communication is not limited solely to the time of the game and goes beyond it, it may well develop into camaraderie and even friendship.

All in all, if you approach this issue intelligently and with a sense of proportion, you can turn computer games into a source of pleasure, information and personal growth.


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