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Центральные районы больших городов должны быть закрыты для частного транспорта (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays there is a controversy about cars in the city centre of large cities. Some people believe that city centre should not be available for personal transport, while others disagree. Now I would like to express my opinion on this issue. To my mind, central area of big cities indeed has to be without private transport. Firstly, vehicles do not let pedestrians to stroll around the most beautiful parts of a city. They cannot relax because of the fear of being hit by an unconscious driver. Secondly, if there are no cars, there are no parking lots. It is beneficial because parking is destroying the image of the most significant part of a city. For instance, there could be a recreation zone or beautiful fountains.

However, opponents disagree. They claim that it is more convenient to get to the city centre by car, especially for those, who live in suburbs. Public transport is usually overcrowded, so it’s impossible to use. Moreover, in the heart of the city there are plenty of malls. People use private transport because they buy too much and cannot carry heavy bags. Despite the widespread belief, I adhere to my own standpoint. Even though some people live too far from the city centre, they can use other means of transport. It will be better for environment. Furthermore, in contemporary world you can buy everything online with delivery, so there is no need to suffer from heavy bags. To sum up, I strongly believe that city centre is for people and not for vehicles. Private transport must not be there.


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