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Paper and electronic books (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people believe that printed books will soon been replaced by computers. Others are sure that books will stay forever.

Personally, I think that nowadays electronic books are really more convenient than printed ones. To begin with, if the printed book is large, it is not always convenient to take it with you, unlike the electronic version of the book, which is always in your gadget. Furthermore, when you are out at night, you can read an electronic book because it does not require good lighting. And finally, people who read a lot are more profitable to download books, because it can be done for free and in unlimited quantities. When reading books, we can imagine a limitless number of images of various landscapes.

The words in the books take us to completely unknown places and immerse us in an extraordinary atmosphere. We are not limited in our imaginations and can present the story as it suits us.

Opponents of this view believe that nothing can replace the feeling of reading a paper book. Moreover, they believe that printed books do not have such a negative effect on vision.

There is a big deal of truth in what they say. However, I think that the main thing in reading the book itself and not the feeling of turning the pages. Furthermore, If you read with breaks and exercises for the eyes, there will be no harm.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, everyone decides for themselves which version of the book to read.

ut considering the modern way of life it is much more convenient to read books in gadgets.


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