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The Good of Discrimination (Школьные сочинения)

Ever since childhood, many Americans recognize the word “discrimination”. Unfortunately, the frequent association of the word with negative decisions and actions often hides the real meaning of the word. People usually define discrimination as the act of disrespecting or looking down on people that in any way differ from the rest. Yet in reality, this word holds a different meaning. Instead of an act of injustice, “discrimination” implies a process of discernment and choice based on the belief and wisdom of the person facing a certain decision. Unfortunately, many reject the original purpose and value of the word and often misjudge its significance.

What many people assume to be the meaning of “discrimination” in reality is the phrase – “racial discrimination”.

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How big a difference a single word brings! If one examines the phrase, he notices that in truth it showcases all the dark and destructive traits that usually we usually know it by. In truth, if viewed as a whole, the term means an act of supporting racism and inequality.

ut as the case with many other words, those who diligently explore the depths of their language may unearth other interpretations.

In order to understand the true meaning of the word “discrimination”, one must explore its roots and origin. It comes from the Late Latin noun discriminare which means "to divide or separate".

y the beginning of the 19 century, the word gained the meaning of “discernment”. Quite soon, negative and dark values began to change the public understanding of discrimination. At the time of

econstruction people understood discrimination as making unfair distinctions concerning a group of individuals. At present, if you ask a random person, “How do you feel about discrimination?”, he will assure you that he does not condone such behavior and that those who discriminate are in the wrong. Ironically, by saying this, he might as well condemn himself. Many discriminate every day without realizing it and their decisions rarely arouse any protest.

In fact, the ability to discriminate remains a talent that many only hope to master. Those who discriminate correctly keep our world balanced and functioning properly. Illustrations of this action we see all around us. What some may call narrow-minded actions, in reality, helps society to survive. In his article, “Is Discrimination Good or


ichard Hollerman presented the next situation for his readers to ponder: “Is it discriminatory for a couple to take their children out of the public schools and begin to teach their sons and daughters at home?” The author identifies the action as “godly discrimination” for often public schools “are based on a wrong, humanistic, and evil philosophy”. The parents in fact prove their respect to God’s Word and their wisdom in earthly matters.

y misunderstanding what true discrimination means, we may lose an understanding that may assist us in difficult life decisions. In his book "Letters to a Young Contrarian" Christopher Hitchens writes, “The ability to discriminate is a precious facility”. Instead of narrowing down the meaning, we can think beyond the box and recognize discrimination in its true: a means of making the world a better place.

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