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How to acquire leadership skills (Школьные сочинения)

If you want to become an outstanding leader, develop your innate qualities or acquire them.

And of course, the question arises: “How to acquire leadership skills?”.

You can acquire leadership skills yourself. There are two ways to acquire them either by taking courses in business and management or by reading books and actively implementing the acquired knowledge into life. Also, you can learn them by experience from undertaking a leadership role. To gain experience in a leadership role, you don’t have to be a leader for a large company. You can lead a project for your school or organize your own music, dance or another group. You can find many ways to develop your leadership skills.

Likewise, if you get the opportunity to work alongside a more accomplished leader or senior executive, jump at it. One way to acquire some much-needed skills is to observe and replicate the moves of one.

And at last, apart from laying out work expectations and monitoring subordinates, leadership involves resolving conflicts of a professional nature.

This can be challenging if you are a non-confrontational person by nature and don’t want to be involved in other people’s troubles. However, people working together are likely to have more than occasional squabbles and it will be your job to successfully mediate the situation and arrive at an outcome or a compromise that satisfies all.

In conclusion, I want to say that a person can acquire leadership skills, but if he/she doesn’t practice these skills in ordinary life, he/she won’t use them in emergency situations.


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