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Leader's personalities (Школьные сочинения)

Who is the leader? According to the Oxford dictionary, a leader is a person who leads a group of people, especially the head of a country, an organization, etc. There are natural born leaders and leaders which have acquired leadership skills. It is considered that the person who has acquired leadership skills cannot compete with natural born leader and will fail every time.

ut I don’t think so. I reckon prominent leaders can be made and be on a par with natural born leaders. A person can do everything if he/she wants to. It all depends on a person’s desire and motivation. For instance, in the modern world, training programs at schools are aimed at developing leadership skills in children. Children get used to making important decisions from childhood. Also, they learn to interact and lead a team, to take the initiative in organizing projects and solving problems.

There is Model United Nations.

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Model UN is a popular activity for those who are interested in learning more about how the UN operates. Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide take part every year at all education levels. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts — including at the UN itself — took part in Model UN as a student. And this isn’t the only event aimed at developing children’s leadership skills.

What qualities should a great leader have? I want to highlight 5 important qualities of a great leader.

Firstly, it is a backbone. The character determines how a person will behave in a stressful situation. A prominent leader shouldn’t panic.

Secondly, it is an ability to communicate. An effective leader should be able to find a common ground with others. He/she should motivate his/her subordinates to take action.

Thirdly, it is courage. An outstanding leader should be fully committed to his/her work and confirm this by his/her actions. Then others, seeing this, will be committed to the cause.

Fourthly, it is initiative. To pave the way for success, you need to act. Leaders understand all changes in life happen because of the actions they take. They aren’t afraid to make mistakes. They learn from their mistakes and move on.

And fifthly, it is an ability to listen. The ability to listen helps leaders establish contact and win over the other person, understand their point of view — and turn it in the right direction.

In my point of view, these are the most important qualities of a great leader.

Likewise, I would like to tell you more about Amancio Ortega. He is a Spanish billionaire business person. Also, he is the founder and former chairman of Inditex fashion group. He was the richest man in the world in 2015. Now he is the second-wealthiest person in Europe and the sixth-wealthiest person in the world.

In 1975 he opened his first Zara group store with his wife and in 2009 Zara was part of Inditex group of which Ortega owned 59%. Now Zara is a leading retail chain of the Inditex group of companies and has more than 4300 stores and 60000 employees.

Amancio Ortega has such qualities as responsibility, determination, multitasking and creativity therefore he founded a company that is known over the world.

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