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An essay + pitching the presentation (Сочинение на свободную тему)

Do you agree that cars need to be made more dangerous to increase road safety?

To begin with, the prospect of using the road without subconscious fear to become a victim of a pile-up is very exciting. And I believe that choosing, let’s call it “more dangerous”, strategy in designing cars may dramatically help achieve that goal due to the next reasons.

Primarily, when motorists feel safer, it encourages them to drive aggressively because they believe automated systems will prevent their mistake or bad anticipation. After abolishing such systems people will be afraid to attempt extreme overtaking or breaking the speed limits. For instance, just 50 years ago fatalities on the road were rare, inasmuch as car owners were really careful because couldn’t rely on a robotic assistant.

Secondly, up-to-date vehicles can be managed even by a child just by pushing one button.

Making electronics more elaborate will put pressure on the motorist who won’t be so fearless because the mistake could cost his/her life. For example, before universal launching systems, each car manufacturer implemented its unique rules to manage the car and everyone on the road was quite watchful and mindful because never known how another driver may react having different terms.

In brief, the road we use can become safer if drivers act more responsibly. Thus, the most effective step is to endanger vehicles by varying instructions on how each model is driven and eliminate the opportunity to blindly reckon on algorithms.

First of all, let me introduce our team. My name is Steve and my counterparts are Jim Pavlovsky and Peter


Modern technologies have dramatically changed the way of our life including how we approach scientific knowledge in biotechnology, virology, physics and many more. Thus, the astonishing power of existing computers affords scientists the to implement decoded DNA information into programming special microchips which are able to copy all physiological processes of the human body. In future, such devices will completely replace human and animals in clinical trials of any medicine making them safer, faster and less labour-intense.

efore we will dive into the details it is worth remembering where all roots come from. The first DNA arrays were constructed by immobilizing cDNAs onto filter paper. However, it was not until 1995 when the building of a chip was executed by attaching short synthetic probes to designated locations on the solid surface, usually glass or silicon chip. Unfortunately, the exact names of scientists who were taking part in the project are not disclosed.

At this point, I would like to give the floor to Jim Pavlovsky, who will give you a description of DNA microarrays functioning.


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