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Everyone would like to be rich + letter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is not a secret that money plays quite a big role in life of any person. Some people are sure that everybody wants to be rich, while others disagree. Let me express my point of view.

In my opinion, money gives every person an opportunity to afford anything he or she wants. I mean you can make all your wishes come true: to get a prestigious education and then find an interesting well-payed job, to buy every luxury thing you want.

esides, good money is the way to see the world: you can travel as often as you want and learn lots of new about different countries. Secondly, being rich is a good chance for charity actions; I mean you can help poor, invalid and ill people. Finally money makes us more confident in the next day.

However, there are people who are sure that money requires too much efforts and time to become a wealthy man. Moreover they think that richness can make a person go crazy and become arrogant towards other people.

I strongly disagree with this point of view, because it is not a secret that a really purposeful and ambitious person would achieve his goal despite all the difficulties.

Moreover, there are lots of greatly rich people who lead a normal and decent lifestyle, and they are happy.

To sum up, I should say that surely every person would like to be rich, money often makes us happy. In my opinion, being rich gives you lots of useful opportunities.



November 26

Dear Tina,

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to hear from you again.

Well, in your letter you ask me about soap operas. Personally, I appreciate your point of view, I also consider soap operas waste of time. Speaking about films, I mostly enjoy comedies or adventures, they are so breathtaking! To be frank, for me the best way to have pleasant time is to watch films at home in cozy atmosphere, besides, you don’t have to buy a cinema ticket.

So, how many members are in your family? Do you have any brothers or sisters? How do you prefer to spend time together?

Sorry, I have to go now. Drop me a line.

Best wishes,



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