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Happiness (Школьные сочинения)

In our time word as happy has much value and everyone understands it’s different. For one it may be that, what for others will be inverse, but from what it’s influence? If really I don’t know, I think that everyone gets sentenced until life. So happy doesn’t have one formula, which you will use and become happy. It's like a book, which may be very interesting for one and boring for others.

Many people think that happiness is connected with your money account, what happiness depends on proportionally money, that you’re happy it’s your bank account. We have an infinite example, that the person has a lot of money, but he is sad. He can afford everything, but it’s dont bring him happiness. And on the finish of life he understands that he spent his life on the money chase. For example, I want to bring an amazing movie called 1+1. That movie about one rich men, who became invalid and he lost him lifeless enrejy, but one day go one men, he want work for rich men, he treated to rich men don’t how other, he dont spare him, he says all what think, and became the best friends rich men, he helped him relive and turned boring life in full interesting life.

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So we are getting, that happiness doesn't only money, what else?

Many people think that it's also authority, they think, what if you have so much power you may afford that, what you weren't able to afford in the past. They are able to walk on other heads and only achieve their aim. They lost their time and don’t feel that happened around them, they think that now is their life on the board for the future, which will make all that they want but how true they want more and more, their hurry and hurry so finali their time is over, never started. I think, what you may be happy about then you will feel other moments in your life, when you are understood, that same moment don’t will be.

Everyone dreams about happiness and everyone understands that differently.

People have been talking and writing about him since Antiquity.

ut thinkers and scientists cannot agree on what happiness is and how to achieve it. It was declared both the main goal and the meaning of existence, and a harmful illusion that prevents a person from getting closer to the truth. We are often happy even though there is no reason for it. Even the happiest people get discouraged sometimes, and the most unhappy have delightful moments. Happiness does not arise from us or circumstances, it obeys its own logic.

I think happiness depends on us, not on circumstances, because if you don’t believe that you will be happy you mustn’t be happy.

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