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IELTS SPEAKING (Школьные сочинения)

Card2: Describe your appointment with a doctor

To begin with, my last visit to the hospital was not long after the New Year, on the 3-d of January. Needless to mention things associated with that celebration: tons of chocolate and candies, flows of unhealthy, junk food but the product which made me call emergency wasn’t from that row.

Actually, I have always had a certain type of allergy on a few products. I guess, everyone here is aware of usefulness and value of walnut for our body: by consuming them regularly we can significantly decrease the risk of heart attack and just live longer.

ecause my first meeting with that product was not precisely clear I decided to repeat my attempt but didn’t predict any potential side effects. In the beginning, everything was fine, however, 10 minutes later my skin became covered with rashes, eyes were watering and I had a runny nose. Eventually, it become crystal clear what was wrong with me.

As fast as possible I with my mother put on clothes and went to the outpatient hospital. Fortunately, there wasn’t a big queue, so, I suffered not too long.

In the ward, the doctor asked me to put off upper-body clothes and diagnosed my skin and eyes. “Evidence is, - he said – it is allergy and you must use so-and-so drugs to relieve symptoms and free your body from toxic substances”. He wrote me a prescription for purchasing certain medicine, special ointment to rub on my skin and gave precise instructions on how to approach my diet.

It goes without saying, that visiting doctor instead of being with your love one’s at home watching films together or having a lovely conversation isn’t a good alternative. I felt quite miserable because spoiled my family plans to go for a walk in the park, but at least now I’m exactly conscious about what products can be included in my diet and which are not.

Card3:Describe the importance of the vaccine and how much it costs to produce one

Needless to say, 2020 was an insanely tough year, here are lockdowns, quarantine restraints, remote work and education – the usual way of your life has drastically changed. Today I would like to tell you about the vaccine, what it does for the economy and how much it costs to produce one.

I assume you’ve heard about numerous scientific developments across the world but I will consider only

ussian vaccine called “Спутник-V” because it was first registered and showed the highest effectiveness in use. It is worth to mention that such medicine simply brings certainty to our life and will have launched new economic growth by the end of vaccination.

The cost of one dose of “Спутник-V” for foreign markets will equal less than 10 dollars. The dry form of vaccine can be kept in temperatures between 2 and 8 Calcium making it quite suitable for transportation even in remote regions, for instance, Pfizer requires special fridges to hold their medicine.

y the end of February over 50 countries will have submitted vaccination of more than 1. 2 млрд people with “Спутник-V” including China, India,

razil, South Korea and so on. In such terms,

ussian manufacturers will be able to consistently increase production volumes providing totally free medicine for

ussian people. I consider all countries (not having vaccine yet) should greet our achievements despite the political struggle to leave the hard times behind as fast as possible.


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