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What invention from science fiction would you like to see become a reality in our everyday lives and why? (Сочинение на свободную тему)

A life-saving pill.

Every day, a huge number of people suffer from various diseases. At the moment, there are about 55, 000 diseases, but every day they are becoming more and more. Medicine just can't cope with the volume of work. So, science is developing a variety of medical devices. One day, the technologies of the future will help us.

The Google X lab is developing a universal pill that, after ingestion, detects the presence of cancer cells, the approach of a heart attack, and other health problems. After the patient swallows the pill, it enters the blood vessels and tries to determine the presence of cells there that indicate the disease. Tablet users don't need to worry that the device will be hacked, because the tablet has security technology. Such a pill can greatly simplify the treatment process, it is better to prevent diseases than to treat them.

I think that such technologies are necessary for humanity.

Diseases are constantly evolving and we must stay ahead of them.

My opinion about the articles.

Mind control device. I believe that these devices are extremely important in the field of medicine; they will help to cope with many ailments.

Invisibility cloak. I think the invisibility cloak will find its purpose in the military sphere. It is a very useful technology.

Three-course chewing gum. Chewing gum can become a popular product in the market environment, but I don't see the point of this invention.

Time machine. A time machine could be the most incredible invention in the world.

ut can they create it?


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