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Knowledge will be your faithful companion until your death (Школьные сочинения)

One of the sciences of all phenomena related to human social life is social science. One of the main definitions of this science is knowledge. And from the course of social studies, I know that knowledge is the result of human cognitive activity.

Cognition is the process through which a person receives certain knowledge.

Knowledge is also the form in which conclusions and facts exist, which are stored for the purpose of transmission and use. Knowledge is the basis of our state; existence in this world created by man according to the laws. A huge amount of information and knowledge we received thanks to the discoveries of our ancestors.

All people learn, and those who want to achieve certain results on the way to their goal, replenish knowledge, daily extracting them in the process of their personal development.

Thus, people need both intellectual and spiritual knowledge, which they learn throughout their lives.

Knowledge is stored in the memory of people, printed publications, in the results of the thoughts of researchers-philosophers, all kinds of electronic media, in vases of data and others.

Knowledge helps to achieve the goal, but not the goal itself.

People need education. Currently, people need to strive to get as complete and high-quality education as possible. Education is necessary to succeed in a certain profession and gain knowledge. For example: Peter 1, after returning from Europe, used all that he could learn and all the experience gained for the development of his country.

Therefore, we can draw the following conclusion: people need all the knowledge in life, and they learn it throughout their lives.


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