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There is much violence in our society (Сочинение на свободную тему)

One may agree that one’s life is always connected with the possibility of violence. It is in our human nature to seek profit in all our deeds and sometimes to overstep the bounds of what is allowed and hurt others. However deeply rooted this problem of violence may be, there are still solutions that can help alleviate the state of the world stuck in sometimes meaningless brutality.

To begin with, I want to look into the issue of violence from the point of view of it being the result of personal problems.

As sentient living beings, humans can be affected by emotions. While people mostly do not need to hide or control positive or neutral emotions, since they are means to help us perceive and understand the world, it is obvious that negative feelings are undesirable — they appear as the result of the confusion and stress; they are often followed by destructive impulses aimed at releasing such feelings, and consequently at hurting other people.

It is obvious that the most reasonable decision against anger would be to discuss the problem with the one causing such a reaction, but being affected by this strong emotion slightly narrows the number of approaches to it. To reduce the possibility of a violent outbreak one might want to reflect on the cause of anger. One of the most important steps towards understanding and controlling anger is to watch for physiological its signs. It is preceded by the increase of the body temperature, heart rate and muscle tension, which can easily be distinguished and therefore used to suppress the anger. There are several things to help relieve stress, some of them being breathing techniques, visualisation exercises, or taking a break and going for a walk. Violence is often an impulsive action, and it can be contained by delaying the time of the breakdown or extending its duration to watch it go out.

Secondly, let us touch the topic of domestic violence.

This type of violence is an issue for the families in which one or more people have sadistic tendencies. They pose a threat for the future of individuals in some way affected by such behaviour, as they tend to develop similar qualities of domination creating a circle of violence, especially when combined with alcohol or drugs consumption or mental disorders. Victims of such abuse often ignore their ability to bring the criminal to justice when it comes to filing a complaint, as they can be afraid of the legal process, of the actions the abuser may take when the case becomes known. While the problem of domestic violence is more complicated, there are ways for people to be able to break free of such abuse. For example, if some people are anxious to visit a courthouse, the local authorities should establish and provide resources to services addressing the problem of violence in order to increase means for victims to report the offence: create more narrowly focused hotline services or to approve accepting complaints via Internet. This will potentially help to identify offenders and to stop the violent approach at least in some cases. Then, it is important to let other people know that violence cannot be treated as a personal business, as it is a serious problem with sometimes grave consequences. One should have a network of trusted people, containing family, friends or neighbours, who can clearly understand what may be at stake in such situations. As the shame of filing a complaint about the abuse is one of the main reasons for the victims to not do it, working on the tolerance for such acts of personal protection can be a step towards making family a place without violence.

Finally, let us talk about violence on a global scale.

One can agree there are many reasons for committing crime and therefore violence. One of them is poverty, under influence of which people at times feel there is no other way out of such situation. Such is the position of some ex-criminals, who with their criminal record being known may not find a, so to say, normal job to fit back into the society. The second main reason is inequality of people, meaning that people of an unfortunate position in society usually find the source of misfortune in one or more other people with the aim to get rid of them. Some of these problems can be partly solved by the governments introducing and increasing the number of departments of employment of persons in difficulty, since they need stability, both mental and economic, to see the need for violence begin to disappear. Such a solution can be sustained by stabilising certain financial aid in the form of unemployment benefit and poverty relief, by polishing their terms and allocating the budget.

In conclusion, it is clear that violence is one of the major problems of our society which need to be dealt with. While the humanity continues to develop, there is no doubt we will try and find new ways to address all the dilemmas we face.


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