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Patriotism (Школьные сочинения)

Patriotism is a feeling of love for one's homeland and responsibility for it. Not to be confused with fanaticism, this is not blind worship and exaltation. A true patriot, against the background of love for his country, sees its shortcomings and tries to correct them so that life in it becomes better. He does not allow anyone to insult his homeland and is always ready to defend its honor.

If the native land is in danger, a true patriot comes to its defense. He may even have to sacrifice his own life for this, but it doesn't frighten him, because he can't do anything else. A man who loves his country will not be able to stand by and let the enemy trample on his land.

There are many examples of high patriotism in the literature. For example, Taras Bulba from Gogol's novel of the same name.

This person represents the highest degree of patriotism, being a representative of the Ukrainian Cossacks during the war with the poles. He was ready to defend his country, fight for its freedom to the last drop of blood and give his life for it, if necessary.

The novel "War and peace" also shows many examples of patriotism. We are talking about the war of 1812, when Russia was attacked by Napoleon. The people reacted as a single organism: everyone rallied, everyone tried to contribute to the defense of the Fatherland. For example, Petya Rostov, at the age of 16, went to the front, explaining to his parents that he simply could not do otherwise.

Andrey Bolkonsky, Pierre Bezukhov, Natasha Rostova, many people supported their country without thinking about themselves. This brought its fruits, the enemy was driven out of the Russian land.

It seems to me that patriotism should be in a person at the genetic level, along with love for parents.


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