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Drug addiction (Школьные сочинения)

According to the survey conducted by municipality in 2019, the people of Amur Region are concerned about many different things, including: the quality of the roads, unemployment, alcoholism and so on. But in the sixth place among the problems that concern the local citizen is a problem of drug addiction or a drug dealing problem.

In order to understand the situation with the spread of drug addiction in the region, the municipality asked its citizens about possible causes which increase its contribution or consumption. Among them, the following reasons were highlighted:

• Dissatisfaction with life and social disadvantage;

• Moral degradation of society;

• Unsatisfactory performance of local law enforcement agencies;

• Availability of drugs;

• Unemployment, economic problems;

• Lack of proper leisure conditions

• Influence of mass culture;

• Poor quality of preventive works and so on.

Indeed, one of the main reasons of drug addiction among young people is the dissatisfaction with life due to a variety of circumstances: personal difficulties, lack of opportunities for spending free time, social injustice, disappointment in people, inability to realize oneself in study, work, creativity or personal life.

Many people think that mass culture also influences on youth, creating a positive image of drugs.

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Even now we can see how artists from Russia and from other countries refer to drugs in their songs, for example, Eminem has 305 references to drugs in his songs and the most mentioned drug among them is mj. I couldn’t find the research like this one on Russian artists, but from my observation, Russian mass culture artists also refer to them a lot.

Availability of drugs. This particular cause is also widespread, especially in Blagoveshchensk. For example, I guess everyone has seen such writings on the walls. Well in reality, these are the advertisements of local drug dealers. Moreover, the scheme of drugs realization they use is quite complicated for police to track, as they use a bookmark system (drugs are hidden in advance and wait for the client to claim). Furthermore, if you enter the most popular illegal marketplace in the internet, you can see a various choice of drugs available in our city (sounds like an advertisement, right?).

Well, what about consequences of drug addiction and the drugs spreading situation?

When it comes to society, the most obvious consequence is the increasement of arrests because of distribution of drugs. Here you can see the share of persons convicted of drug crimes in the total number of convicted persons. The situation is horrifying because many cases are connected with drug dealing.

Furthermore, here is a sheet showing us the criminogenic of drugs (generating a criminal situation that contributes to increased crime).

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