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An unusual experience with my relatives (Школьные сочинения)

When I was young, me and my grandfather decided to go on a little trip to our dacha in a lovely area near the “Pera” river. As you can see, traditionally we had such rides as a whole family, but that time it was quite different. Before we got in the car and hit the road, my grandfather, just as usually, had made some preparations: he put the fishing equipment into the bag, a portable table and some kitchen utensils were already geared up. Once we got in the car, I realized that we forgot to take an insect repellent and had second thoughts about going to the dacha. As it turned out, my grandfather reassured me saying that we were not going for an overnight stay.

By the time we arrived, I was already overexcited imagining the piquant and tender taste of barbeque after fishing.

Everything was magnificent, we swam in the river, disassembled our fishing gear and even had time to pick some berries. To my delight, our neighbors were not there, so we could listen to the music and enjoy the beauty of scenery without any complaints.

We really had a whale of a time, but had I known what was involved, I would never go on the trip. While I was making some BBQ preparations, I noticed that my grandfather started getting drunk. Obviously, he was the only one who could drive the car, so we had no choice but to stay for the night. To my astonishment, the man could get drunk astonishingly fast and as it was already getting darker and colder, we got in the house. Well, there’s no need to say that we had no insect repellent and there were lots of mosquitos attacking us. Fortunately, we had a warm blanket so we could cover ourselves and hide from them, but it didn’t help. The night felt like it was endless, it was the most horrifying one I had in years.

On the return journey in the morning, I saw that my body was covered in mosquitos’ bites and itched like hell. No doubt that after such a journey I had never wanted to travel with my grandfather toe-to-toe as the whole amazing experience was ruined simply by mosquitos.


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