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My day in the university (Школьные сочинения)

Well, our day in university is completely ordinary as we usually start with revision of the material we previously learnt, and it goes without saying that the situation at the exams is similar, but we only have to tell the examiner the things we learn by heart and share our knowledge.

We wake up before the agreed time, and start preparing for an exam. Then, as the agreed time come, we enter the university’s doors and wait for exam to start. We usually split our group in 2 in order to save a classroom’s space and allow a teacher to monitor every move of the students, as, you know, students can be tricky sometimes. The process of being examined is simple: you get an examination paper with tasks to do, prepare for 40 minutes, and, eventually, when your turn comes, you sit down in front of the teacher’s desks and start answering.

Finally, we come out of the classroom and share impressions with the other groupmates who are still waiting for their turn. The rest of the day is free, so we can use it on my own, for example going on a walk, or just taking a nap would be enough to refresh.

In my opinion, things at the exam are not that complicated. I can’t say that I feel nervous being examined, especially when I’m the third-grade student. Though, some of the students still feel really uncomfortable, it’s like their blood starts running cold.

But you know, except university’s exams, life is the most difficult exam, and the most crucial thing is to pass it because in the case of failure there would be no chance for reappearance.


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