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The future of humanity looks bleak (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, people more and more often think about the future of humanity. Some believe that it will be colorful and prosperous; others are convinced that it will be dismal, bad and frightening. I would like to express my opinion on this issue.

To my mind, at the moment, the future of humanity does not promise to be favorable. Firstly, the environmental issue is keen. Human activity destroys the environment, natural resources are depleted, animals and plants die. Secondly, racial discrimination still exist, Nazism is prospering. The future is not going to be grateful until there is a unfiled, cohesive society. Moreover, many global problems of humanity are now in a phase of aggravation. For example, problems of education and health care, the problem of maintaining the peace, etc.

However, there are people who believe otherwise.

They claim that humanity is waiting for a highly developed technological future. Life will be made easier by new inventions, education and medicine will become more accessible.

I absolutely disagree with this point of view. What kind of developed future can we dream of when human society is literally degraded today? Everyone thinks only of their own good, everyone is selfish. We think that we are better than others. People see themselves as gods, but in reality everything is different.

In conclusion, I can say that people should really think about what is waiting for them, change something and solve global problems. But we should start with ourselves.


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