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If I could choose, I would live in a big modern city (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

" If I could choose, I would live in a big modern city. "

One issue that has caused lots of controversy over the past few years is whether to live in a country or in a city. Some people think that living in a modern city has more advantages.

In my opinion, a big city is a good place to live in. Firstly, there are opportunities for young people as it is easy to find a job. Moreover, a number of universities, colleges, academies in a city is great. Students have an opportunity to get a qualitative education there. Finally, living in a city is more comfortable. There are lots of museums, cinemas, interesting exhibitions literally at every corner. You will never be bored there.

However, there is an opinion that living in a big city has many troubles.

People are concerned about the environment as there is air and water pollution, a litter is everywhere. Another disadvantage is that a number of criminals is higher in a city than in a countryside. People believe that living there can be dangerous. Besides, crowds of people make the one kind of invisible. They may feel lonely there.

Despite my respect for this point of view, I cannot agree exactly. It is known that now the government cares about the environment and makes laws to protect it. There are more pollution-free technologies in the cities. Citizens have become more intolerant to litter on the streets. As for criminals, there are enforcement agencies as a policy to prevent threating situations. Moreover, the one will not feel alone as the city has a high population. It is easy to find a friend.

To sum up, I prefer to live in a modern city. I hope I will not change my mind when I will move to a city from my small countryside in the future.

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