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кампания для человека (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

People can not be alone in life, that's why every person tries to find a company. Some people think that nothing depends on the choice of their environment, and they are not serious about this issue. Are they right? This is reflected by M. M. Kuvaev, putting in his work the problem of how important it is to find your own collective and hold on to it.

The author discusses this topic, citing the importance of a good team in the difficult work of a geologist. First, the main character, Salakhov, helps his cold catching a partner, the God of Fire. He carries his things, makes a bath, cares for the sick. This indicates that in a difficult situation, a friend's help is very important. The author shows that Salakhov is a good member of the team, who tries to help his partner.

In addition, OM Kuvaev writes about the behavior of the God of Fire after recovery: he eagerly catches fish, does not spare the value of wildlife, and when Salakhov asks him to stop, he does not listen to him. After that, Salakhov understands that his partner does not suit him, because he behaves greedily and selfishly, does not consider himself with someone else's opinion and does not respond to good. This shows how important it is to choose for yourself the collective in which you will be happy and maintain good relations with its members, respect their opinion, otherwise the collective will disintegrate, as happened with Salakhov and the God of Fire.

The position of the author is expressed in the thoughts of Salakhov. OMKuvaev believes that "his" team helps people become better. Therefore, one should "hold his teeth" for him, "be completely" with his comrades, and if he realized that these are "not yours" people, then continue searching and finding "his own team".

It is difficult not to agree with the author that "your" team is very important and everyone is obliged to hold on to it, to show kindness, because it is to a person who helps others, appreciates their opinion, gets better, repays the same, helps in a difficult situation. And a person who neglects the rules and values &񗜻&񗜻of the collective will remain alone and will be unhappy.

To confirm this point, let's turn to Aleksin's work "Mad Evdokia". The main character, Olya, is brought up by the selfish, thinks only of herself and looks down on everyone. She is talented in art, so she often misses class meetings because of the art school. Her teacher, Evdokia Savelievna, believes that the class should be a cohesive team, but Olya does not think so, she separates herself from the class. Even her only friend Lyusya, she betrays, telling at the parents' meeting about the betrayal of her dad. She does this not because of evil, but because she thinks only of herself. The fact that she separated herself from the collective and remained alone will lead to her unhappiness. Olya alone will go to the teacher's task, find the right way, but she will return home too late. Because of the excitement, her mother will go mad. Thus, Olya remained unhappy and suffered a loss, because she did not find her own team and kept selfish and arrogant.

Another example is the story of K. Paustovsky "Warm bread". The main character of Filka, nicknamed "yes, you", behaves selfishly, does not think about others. Once he does not give bread to a horse that was left to the village for "feeding". To feed a horse is the work of the entire collective, but Filka neglects this. Then the village is shackled by the terrible cold, Philo is tormented by conscience, because because of him others suffer; he decides to tell the miller everything and decides to cut the ice with everyone to start the mill. When Filka becomes a part of the collective and understands that it is necessary to hold onto it, the frost goes away. Thus, this work teaches us that we are responsible for all members of the collective and must be with them, to help them, because we have "one roof, one fate." This is a good example of how the collective makes us better.

In conclusion, I want to say that "my" team is very important for a person, it makes it better, more responsible, kinder, therefore it is necessary to "hold on to it", help friends and be kind.

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