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Every city and town should have a zoo. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every person knows what a zoo is. Some of them think that all cities should contain this unique place, while other people argue that a zoo in every town is unacceptable.

To my way of thinking, keeping a zoo everywhere has many disadvantages. First of all, zoos are a prison for wild animals. Tigers, bears, eagles and other animals never know the feeling of freedom as they have to spend their whole lives behind bars.

Additionally, nobody can guarantee the perfect treatment. Sometimes the staff do not care about what wild creatures eat, where and how they sleep, and other conditions crucial for animals' well-being are not provided either.

Nevertheless, there are some people who insist that zoos are the best entertainment especially for children. Pupils have an opportunity to see rare animals with their own eyes and learn something new and interesting.

However, I firmly believe that while visitors have fun, animals suffer. Flash cameras, noise, excessive attention are not what wild creatures need their lives. All of this negatively influences their behavior and health.

In conclusion, even though there are two points of view, I claim that zoos must not exist for people while most of them want to entertain themselves without any thought of what is the best for animals.

I am hoping that mine point of view is understandable for anyanyone who read it. Merci for your time friends.

I really hope about that this text will help somebody with his future exams)

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