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Good books are only those books that everyone likes and understands. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There have always been lots of arguments what qualities a worth reading book has. Some people believe that only simple and understandable for everybody literature is good. Others think otherwise.

To my mind, I believe that many books aren't liked by everyone but it doesn't mean these books are bad. Firstly, different people enjoy reading various kinds of books. It depends on one's taste and character. Someone prefers detectives. Others like historical books. Girls are keen on love stories.

Therefore it is impossible to create a book that will satisfy everyone. Secondly, the educational literature helps people to learn the subject better but these books may be boring. At the same time it’s important to read professional books in order to get a promotion in the career. Thus such books are good for a particular group of people but not suits to all public.

Anyway, some people think that a good book is only that one that easy to understand for people of all ages. As a rule such books have a simple plot and don't require any special preparation before reading them. They just give pleasure and entertainment to the reader.

Nevertheless, I don’t share above-given view. It is known that only serious books broaden our mind. For example a great classics “War and peace” by Tolstoy teaches us how to be patriotic and kind and enriches our perception of the world. However, some poor minded people can't understand this novel and hate reading it.

In conclusion, tastes differ, but I can’t resign the idea that each person has it's own criteria of a good book. (267)

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