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In the digital age museums аre still important (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The role of technology is increasing nowadays. Some people claim that museums have lost their role because of innovative technologies while others are convinced that people still require museums. I suggest considering this issue.

I assume that museums are still essential for our society despite the existence of modern technologies. To begin with, museums have always been a place, where the history of humanity can be saved for future generations. There are many unique artefacts and important relics kept in them all over the world. What is more, visiting museums can arouse a person's interest in history and art, inspire him to develop himself and study. This cannot be provided by technologies.

On the other hand, some opponents argue that museums have become archaic in recent years and are not important anymore.

They believe that all information can be found on the Internet and there is no need to go to a museum to learn something new.

I personally disagree with the opposing viewpoint. Nothing can be compared with the emotions that you experience when you see a famous sculpture or a painting coming alive. Modern technologies, including the Internet, will never be able to provide such an opportunity.

All things considered, there are two points of view on the issue of necessity of museums in our modern world. I maintain that they will never become less important despite the technological progress.

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