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Exams motivate students to study harder (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is common knowledge that every pupil and every student has to take exams. Many people claim that exams stimulate learners to study harder. However, others believe that an examination is not a motivator for pupils to learn the lessons better.

In my opinion, there are numerous merits to checking students’ knowledge. Firstly, examinations assess students’ academic progress. If there were no assessment, there would be no desire to study. Secondly, pupils’ marks for an exam affect their future. For instance, an adolescent can apply for admission in prestigious universities with their high score for the exams. Lastly, exams provide an opportunity to show students’ abilities.

I think every teenager would like to have high results to stand out among other students. Therefore, evaluating their knowledge stimulates learners to study harder.

Nevertheless, the opponents of this view argue that exams do not motivate learners to study diligently. They say that the desire to obtain valuable knowledge often depends on the type of personality. Hard-working people always tend to study more efficiently while indifferent ones never try to study better.

Despite this, I disagree. Nowadays results of the exams determine a young person’s successful future, so I believe that even lazy people are most likely to study harder thinking about their future.

In conclusion, even though there is a view that testing is useless, I am firmly convinced that it is a strong motivator for students.

I really hope that my own point of the view is understandable for anybody who read my text. Thanks for your attention friends.

Really hope, that this writing will help you with your future exams)

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