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Nepalese proverbs (part II) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The crow and the cuckoo can be told by their sound.

The crow does not talk like the magpie.

The crow is neither pleased nor sad because a fruit has ripened.

The cuckoo is more cunning than the crow.

If there is food in a plate, there won’t be dearth of cows.

The black crow lays white eggs.

An insect can destroy a diamond.

The lost fish is big.

Can a frog muddy the sea?

The python is provided by providence.

The river makes a louder noise than the sea.

No one lives in a bare tree.

Will the whole forest become sour because a tree is sour?

The forest is gone and so is the tiger.

Touch not the leaf of a bitter plant, leave not the root of a sweet one.

Rice bends when it grows tall, the mullet becomes straight.

The day is spent in playful pranks, the grain is taken out to dry in the moonlight.

The grown-up bamboo bends.

Every spring has a different taste, every man a different idea.

He who needs a drink must find the spring.

Give a drink of water, but don’t point out the spring.

To destroy an axe to make needles.

He aims at the log but the axe hits his knee.

Pulling at a creeper can bring a landslide.

The knife forgets but the wood remembers.

You cannot put two knives in one sheath.

Enter a needle and out comes a spade.

To pour butter onto a blazing fire.

A devious friend is worse than an open enemy.

No one sits by a burnt-out fire.

Sit by a log fire, listen to an old man.

There won’t be shortage of ash if you burn down your house.

Will a son be born by being impatient?

To sell a son to buy a slave.

A beggar wants his son to wed.

The mother-in-law died last year but now come tears.

When brothers fall apart, the villagers rob them.

A woman goes about loving has ten different husbands, but there is no even one when she is dying.

When an ox becomes old, he seeks the precipice, when a man becomes old, he seeks an enemy.

When it becomes night, an old woman begins to hurry.

Good advice should be taken even if a slave gives it.

He doesn’t speaks a word when he sits in an assembly but at home his moustache gets no rest.

The hungry wishes to eat here in these hills, the well fed says he will eat beyond the hills.

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