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nature1 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Man and nature are closely interwoven throughout the time of the existence of the world. Perhaps they appeared simultaneously. Nature cares about a person, gives the chance to live a really full life, full of all possible amenities.

Man has long ceased to appreciate all that nature does for him. People act as consumers-pests. Every day, a huge amount of garbage, harmful chemical waste, gas, etc. is thrown into the atmosphere and hydrosphere. People do not pick up trash left after picnics and hikes. After that, dumps are formed, expanding to huge sizes, soil and air are polluted.

Everyone understands how deplorable the current situation is, but there is no decisive action. People are indifferent to the values &񗜻&񗜻accumulated over the years.

The following principle works: "After me, let it be a deluge." It is interesting that this problem did not arise today. In Turgenev's famous work "Fathers and Sons", E. Bazarov already then said that nature is a workshop in which a person is only an employee.

Periodic natural cataclysms act as a signal to actions. Nature seems to give a surrender for all the suffering that it causes a person. Due to nature, man lives. As soon as there is a significant imbalance in nature, it will be impossible to change the situation. Every day, natural reserves become smaller and a day will come when these stocks run out.

Realizing that the future prospects are not optimistic, they began to create thematic conferences devoted to finding a way out of the ecological crisis.

Everyone should understand that he will always be connected with nature. The future of children depends on today's behavior of humanity. People who do not feel unity with nature are advised to go to the mountains, to the woods, away from the city bustle. A person must spiritually connect with nature, feel its presence in itself.

Technical progress is a useful phenomenon for the development of society, but it is necessary to develop with minimal losses for nature. When everyone realizes that he should start with himself - the situation should be slight changes, but begin to improve.

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