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What does it mean to be kind? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What does it mean to be kind? It would seem that the answer is simple: just do not do evil deeds, not offend anyone, help those who need help ... But in fact these are the qualities of any educated person, that is, neutral. What characterizes a good person?

First, about kindness or its absence it is necessary to judge by deeds. A person who simply sympathizes with and wants all good things around can and is not evil, but at the same time, it can not be called good. But if he confirms this by deeds, then one can already speak of kindness. Good deeds can be done by everyone, for this it is not necessary to be a hero: it is enough to help others. A good standard for evaluating one's actions is the question "Would I like someone to do this for me? It would be nice for me, it would make it easier for me to do something." If the answer is positive, then it is rather a good deed that benefits.

Secondly, a world in which people are capable of good deeds, much better than where they can not.

After all, life is much easier and more enjoyable when in any difficult situation you can expect help, support from other people, not always even your loved ones. But at the same time you must be able to help others yourself. It is important to note that good and good sows: most likely the one in whose address showed kindness, will subsequently show it himself, and not always as a payment of debt, but because his heart will become softer, there will be a sincere desire to do someone good.

Of course, one should not abuse the kindness of others and be judicious yourself, because such phrases as "sit on your neck" and "like the best, and it turned out as always, " that is, it is bad, are not popular. Not always the appearance of kindness towards someone will go to this person for good. But such situations are easy to avoid if you are able to soberly look at the situation.

Also, do not do good deeds for a tick to be praised. Of course, they can also benefit, but the selfish goal underlying them can poison the result.

Thus, being kind is to be able to sympathize and help, maybe even sacrificing oneself, while doing it sincerely, without demanding a reward in return. After all, the more kind people will be in the world, the more pleasant the society as a whole will be.

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