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Russia in the world (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The collapse of the Soviet Union significantly affected the political capabilities of the countries that it included, including Russia's capabilities. Our state was in a more unfavorable position than before, but this, of course, does not mean that Russia should immediately return to its previous state. In comparison with those times when it was part of the USSR, its capabilities have greatly diminished. Now Russia has no direct access to the Black, Baltic and Caspian seas, the population has been reduced almost twice, and some of the resources are inevitably lost.

Also, in a sense, Russia was "pushed aside" from Europe. Due to the increase in the number of state borders that need to be overcome on the way to a European country, the distance between it and Europe has increased. The Russian Federation, among other things, lost some influence in the countries of Asia, as well, as a result of the division it was located closer to the northeast.

The area of &񗜻&񗜻Russia was reduced by half.

Nevertheless, with the collapse of the Union for the state, several advantages were revealed. For example, due to the reduction in the territory of the Russian border stretched, and our country received a large number of new uncharted possessions.

If we touch on the theme of the world economy, it is worth noting that Russia's role in this area is rather small. In its significance, the Russian economy is inferior to Brazil, India, Indonesia and several other states, as well as such giants as the US, Japan and China.

It is worth noting that the changes in the situation in Russia - it does not matter, for better or for worse - has virtually no effect on the life of the world community. Thus, the depreciation of the ruble had almost no effect on the state of the larger currencies. The only thing that can cause global unrest and that still cares for the largest countries is the presence of Russia's nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and other means of mass destruction. The possibility of losing control over them continues to bother leading politicians.

If we do not take into account the possibility of Russia at any time to use its main trump card, its role in military policy is just as low. This was due to the weak funding of the state for military units, the decline of the fighting spirit of the soldiers and inept reform.

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