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not guess (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Each person has a whole set of bad habits, which he even can not guess. There are habits that the person already acquires in an adult or youthful state. However sad it may be, it is often harmful and pernicious stereotyped behavioral norms. This is smoking, drinking alcohol-containing beverages, swearing with obscene words, as well as drugs. The latter not only enter into a group of bad habits, but also are a serious dependency that poses a direct threat to life.

In addition to the habits acquired in adulthood, there are those that a small, senseless child absorbs from his environment. Children often, without noticing and not realizing it, copy the adult parents, repeating their behavior, acquiring their own habits for the rest of their lives. The most terrible thing here is that it is from the family that the child takes the norm of behavior. And, if there is one in this family who smokes or drinks, then it is more likely that the baby who sees this will reproduce all a little grown up.

To a more harmless, but no less unpleasant childish habits can be attributed to the habit of stooping, gnawing legs. They can not be called dangerous, they can get rid of such habits themselves at a more conscious age.

But what to do if the child has absorbed the norm, which leads to his death, which he can not get rid of himself. After all, an immature teen most often does not think about the harm and perniciousness of his hobbies. For him, often, such adult habits are an indicator of his "coolness" and importance. Often adolescents are just such actions trying to stand out from the crowd, gain credibility. Here, his parents must come first. Even an adult does not always manage to cope with the problem without support and support. Only love and understanding can overcome all difficulties.

In my opinion, every adult, demonstrating to his child one or another norm of behavior, should think carefully about future consequences. It is better to show your own example to small people how useful it is for health to play sports, how much interesting it is possible to learn from the books read, how fascinating it can be its way without bad habits.

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