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Childhood (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Childhood is a fun, carefree time, when only one street seems to you a whole magical world with its unusual inhabitants, laws and secrets. I remember the street of my childhood very well, to the smallest detail, even the smell of fresh baked rolls with cinnamon from my neighbor's apartment and now is hovering around me.

The street where I lived with my parents was on the outskirts of the city. This is one of those streets where the doors to the apartments do not close, all neighbors know each other and go on a visit without an invitation. In my childhood, the yard near our house was always full of children. My girlfriends and I swung by turns on a swing, sculpted fairy-tale sandcastles or built whole cities in a clearing under the trees, arranged tea-parties, or quickly played hide and seek with neighbor's boys.

There was always a lot of greenery of trees, bushes and bright saturated flower beds, why there was a delicate flower aroma in the air.

And the noisy singing of birds until the night was heard in the open windows. In the evenings, everything died down, lights turned on, which made the street look frightening, mysterious and fascinating at the same time.

In winter time, right in the middle of the playground, parents poured a large skating rink for us, on which it was possible to chase for hours on skates. Trees and shrubs, covered with snow caps, turned the street into a fairy-tale winter kingdom.

Autumn adorned the street in golden and purple dresses, large mirror puddles reflected in their smooth floating in the sky clouds. It was already impossible to spend a lot of time outside on the street, but it was so interesting and fascinating to watch people and birds flying from branch to branch from the window of their room.

And in the spring everything revived. The street began to breathe new fresh warm air, filling everyone with a sense of happiness.

I very often like to come here, although I have not lived here for a long time. Every time when coming here, some warm feelings awaken in my soul, and very native and pleasant memories flash in my head. It's so nice to watch the kids, who also like they play, fantasize and live their time on my childhood street. And only an easy touch of wisdom and nobility I can now see in these mighty majestic trees that invariably meet me on this street.

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