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Adherence to culture ... Is this an indicator of human morality - that is the question that D.Granin is thinking about. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Adherence to culture ... Is this an indicator of human morality - that is the question that D.Granin is thinking about.

The author bases his discussions on the influence of culture on the moral qualities of people by comparing young builders who knew the poems of Bulat Okudzhava who had already read a new, sensational novel with Ermakov, a simple builder who "did not read anything, did not see it." The guy did not "impress" the author at first, but later, according to D.Granin, it turned out that not these fellows who are attached to culture, but the laborer Ermakov - "a golden man, one of the most honest and conscientious workers".

The position of the author is not difficult to determine: "familiarization with culture" does not at all indicate a high moral level of a person.

I share the point of view of D.Granin.

Indeed, one can have better spiritual qualities, not knowing the work of MI Tsvetaeva and not having an idea about Malevich's "Black Square", and, conversely, being an insignificant person, perfectly understanding art. This was repeatedly pondered by classics, philosophers and publicists.

"Adopted to culture" we could name the most educated and talented people in the city, representatives of the Turkin family (Anton Chekhov's story "Ionych"). But in the finale of the work the author sadly says that, after decades, the Turks are like mechanical stud puppets, and their programming, cadence, infinite repeatability finally irritates the readers. Knowledge of culture does not speak of high morality: the aspiration of these heroes to cognition of art made no one happy, did not enrich spiritually.

In the four-volume edition of Mikhail Veller, a well-known modern philosopher who knows how to "sort through" many of the difficult questions of our life, I find an interesting denunciation of former Soviet intellectuals who boasted of their knowledge, "respected themselves and each other for art consumption, " and people were not always good ... How this thought of M. Veller is similar to reflections of D.Granin!

Thus, adherence to culture is not at all an indicator of human morality.

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