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What is human spirituality is the problem over which S. Soloveichik reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is human spirituality is the problem over which S. Soloveichik reflects.

Citing A.S. Pushkin, the author tries to set the reader on a serious conversation in order to explain intelligibly and consistently the true meaning of the concept of "spiritual life". He believes that the synonym of spirituality is, to some extent, the word intelligency - not the level of education, but the wealth of the inner world of man.

S. Soloveichik proves to us: visiting theaters and exhibitions, reading books is not a spiritual life. And the cinema, and exhibitions, and books, in the author's opinion, are necessary "to strengthen their own faith in good, truth, beauty."

It is not difficult to single out the author's position: spirituality is a desire for something high that goes beyond the limits of everyday life.

I agree with the author in his definition of "spirituality". In my opinion, the strength of the spirit - this is the basis of spiritual life. "Spiritual man" is in constant search of truth and beauty, truth and justice. Education and art for him - only a means to strengthen their own faith in eternal values, the desire for knowledge - the answer to his spiritual aspirations.

Let us recall the heroes of E. Zamyatin's novel We. "Numera", as the author calls them, lived in a mathematically ideal state, their life rhythm was perfected to perfection. Each "number", in fact, was a mathematician. But the mind was all limited: the heroes did not have a soul. They did not feel the need to strive for the highest, they were not interested in the beauty of the world. Fenced off by a huge glass dome, they were afraid of life that was beyond the city limits. Is it possible to call such a life spiritual?

But Alyoshka, the hero of the story of A. Solzhenitsyn "One Day of Ivan Denisovich", is just an example of a spiritual person. He was imprisoned because of his faith, but he did not give up his convictions. On the contrary, this young man continued to believe! Not a single day passed without the reading of the Gospel, which was copied into an ordinary notebook.

While there are such people in books and in real life, humanity will follow them to truth, good and faith, trying to go beyond the circle of everyday cares and think about something great, wonderful, beautiful.

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