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What is joy? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is joy? What carries such a common, seemingly, concept? Joy is one of the positive emotions of a person, an inner sense of satisfaction, pleasure and happiness. The very word causes an involuntary smile, spiritualizes the inner world of a person.

Vladimir Niklyaev raises a very important and popular problem in philosophical doctrines - the lack of joy in the person himself. It would seem that people know how to have fun, relax, but do they feel joy in this? Or did everyday life become so ordinary that the feeling of joy slowly grew into ordinary enjoyment?

The author's position is clearly expressed in the fact that people prefer to keep silent their joyful feelings, hiding them even from close people. The author even deliberately used the exclamation, as if he was trying to reach the reader's heart, to make him listen to his words: "There is no need to hide joy! We need to learn the culture of joy! ".

I believe that a person has not lost such an important positive emotion, rather, he simply forgot what it means simply to enjoy life.

The world for an adult has declined, and perhaps that is why his inner perception was slightly blunted. However, there are people who, despite the loss, pain, disappointment in life, are able to feel the gusts of overwhelming joy. Such people are very valuable in society, because they can bring light to any company and sometimes it seems that they seem to hover over other people, smiling with a sweet smile.

However, not all people accept a happy and joyful person, sometimes we are overwhelmed by the question: "Why is he happy and I'm not?" These feelings can be called otherwise - envy and selfishness. A typical example of such an opinion is the famous Grimm Brothers fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". In the life of the Queen, there was always a beautiful stepdaughter who, over the years, became more beautiful and beautiful, causing a burning feeling of jealousy in her stepmother. The princess was very different from ordinary people, she was happy every day, any animal, helping and supporting. And the world in return loved her for her kindness, for her mercy and for her cordiality.

Another manifestation of joy is the joy at the birth of a child. Perhaps in the modern world this is the only sincere feeling of joy for two people, because a child is the blood and flesh of their parents. Such feelings are clearly expressed in the work of Lyudmila Ulitskaya "Daughter of Bukhara". And even if an unhealthy child was born, it remains a part of the parents themselves. And the joy at the appearance of the baby can not be hidden or described in words.

I am sincerely grateful to the author of the text, Vladimir Nyklyaev, because he made me rethink certain principles of my life, and on the example of literary works I realized that joy is a sincere feeling and it is impossible to fake it, but you should try to test it as often as possible.

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