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Drunkenness among minors is the fault of the parents. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Drunkenness among minors is the fault of the parents. This is a moral problem, very topical today, over which Natalia Ivut thinks.

The author, analyzing what makes a child to try alcohol for the first time, comes to the conclusion that alcohol is tried by the teenager either accidentally or out of interest. N. Ivut with indignation says that most parents push the children to this: they offer alcohol "to raise appetite" or as a medicine. Children, watching adults, begin to think that drinking alcohol is the norm and an obligatory component of family feasts.

The author believes that parents should not push the child to drink alcohol.

If the mother and father do not realize this, then they, the parents, will be guilty of having broken the life of their son or daughter.

I agree with the position of the author: in our time, alcohol, indeed, is very common among young people. In the proof I can give an example. I recently read an article on the Internet about two mothers who are attracting their children to drinking. Natalia Yanushkevich from the village of Mikkantsi of the Dotishsky Village Council decided to meet Christmas with her family, that is, her underage daughter Yadviga (born in 1995).

It would seem a natural desire. But all would be nothing, if on the table there was not a bottle with alcohol, which my mother and daughter were drinking. And Maria Bliznevich from the village of Poradun of the same village council celebrated Easter with her two underage children - daughter Julia (born 1994) and son Andrey (born 1995), without forgetting to put on the Easter table alcohol ...

Drunkenness among minors often leads them to commit a crime. In the novel by V.Astafyev "Lyudochka" it is told about the tragic fate of the girl, over which drunk teenagers who just came out from behind the family celebratory table abused. How to make sure that on the tables, behind which the teenagers are sitting, there was no alcohol - the task of the parents.

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