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Can you burn your life, only dreaming of great love - this is the problem over which Tanya Thunder reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Can you burn your life, only dreaming of great love - this is the problem over which Tanya Thunder reflects.

The moral question considered by the author belongs to the category of the eternal. How much humanity exists, so many people argue about this problem. And nowadays one can often hear from young people that the present is night clubs, discos, light flirting, but not serious activities.

The author of the essay Tanya Grom believes that life must be burned, visiting parks, discos, striving for love and being loved.

And this, in her opinion, is the share of beautiful women, and the fate of ugly people is to "sit at home."

I do not share the position of the author. After all, what can be more beautiful than sitting next to a loved one near the fireplace, to see how the child plays next, and to understand that you live for them. Tanya, apparently, does not dream about this, so she justifies the fate of "women of easy virtue".

I. Bunin has a magnificent story "Sunstroke". It's about love that lasted only one day! But it's been a hundred and fifty years already, and we, reading about this one-day love, can not escape from the feeling of sadness and - what can we hide there - envy. Sunstroke is the exact definition of this beautiful feeling! This is burning! Burning the lives of two people with a sudden brief love!

Obviously does not share the point of view of the author and the heroine of the story of Yuri Korotkov's "Headache" Katya. She, a graduate of the Moscow school, does not yet know what she will do in life, but she already knows exactly what she does not want: "I do not want, like a mother, to look at the" rich "who" cry, "and cry together with them. I do not want, like little girls, to look for a rich husband. I do not want everything to be bought and sell everything ... ". This girl is not going to burn her life for sure!

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