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How can excessive parental care affect the child? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How can excessive parental care affect the child? This is the question that L. Ulitskaya is thinking about.

Arguing over this problem, the author tells about the fate of Vera, a fifty-four-year-old woman who recently buried her mother. With sympathy, he describes the state of the grieving daughter, with a horror of realizing that there was no longer a man who shielded her "from all life's misfortunes". However, Ulitskaya does not hide her condemnation and her irony, calling not a young heroine at all "a girl" who does not know adult life. Not knowing her because the fate of the Faith was always ruled by a mother who over-cared for her child.

Determine the author's position is quite simple: immense parental care does not allow children to grow up, makes them miserable, dependent.

I fully share the view of L.E.

Ulitskaya. Indeed, the excessive care of the child contributes to the emergence of such qualities as lack of character, insolvency, infantilism. Russian writers have pondered this many times.

I remember Oblomov, the hero of the novel of the same name, IA Goncharov, who, from childhood, was surrounded by care and attention from parents and nannies. Little Ilyusha was not allowed to pick up a lost item, choose an outfit or to pour water on himself. That's why he became an independent, spineless, completely unsuited to the life of a master. Andrei Stolz, a friend of Oblomov, was brought up quite differently. His father taught all the practical sciences, early forced him to work, he did not keep his son near graduating from the university, but sent to an independent life, because this hero became a man active, persistent, enterprising.

Tikhon Kabanov, the hero of Ostrovsky's play The Storm, was a meek, obedient son. An imperious, despotic mother decided everything for him: what to do and how, when to marry and on whom, how to deal not only with strangers, but also with his beloved wife. It is not surprising that Kabanov became a spineless, weak-willed, weak man, a husband who can not protect his wife. Here they are, the fruits of excessive parental care!

Thus, I can conclude that immense parental care has a detrimental effect on the nature of the child: it makes him insolvent, spineless, infantile.

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