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May days (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the last spring month, May, nature blossoms blossomingly and declares to all that summer will not last long. And there are such sunny hot days that people think: should not spring be so hot! But nature does not give up its cheerful pace, hangs earrings on birches, makes animals and birds create couples, dresses gardens in magnificent white and pink dresses. On apple and cherry trees, they look so beautifully against the background of greenery that has not yet been squeezed out by the heat ...

The air is full of birds, they chirp, as if they sing hymns to the heat that came into its own. The flowering of trees and shrubs is filled with air, which from time to time smells of fresh rain. And people look more cheerful, behave more energetically, wear bright light things, walk the streets, enjoying the warm May evenings.

May it is time for your favorite holidays: the first of May and the Victory Day all celebrate, not sitting at home, but go out into the air, missing the nature, go out of town, go for walks in parks and woods.

But the family sits in the "Lada", loads shovels and rakes, buckets and packages of sand - it seems that instead of resting in nature they chose work at the dacha. For everyone the main thing is to breathe fresh air, get rid of daily worries and troubles, to admire the natural landscapes.

And in the woods, too, the trees were dressed in fresh greens, beckoning birds to nest and searching under the bark of bugs. Below, under the crowns, the young grass has grown, scattered on its carpet a variety of colors that attracts pollinating insects. The glades warmed by the May sun are full of forest sounds: buzzing, bird's freckled, rustling branches from the wind ... And the air smells of a special kind - it's not hot yet, still the moisture and freshness fill the forest.

Let's return home from the forest: how pleasant it is to walk along the spring streets in the evening, and closer to the night listen to the singing of nightingales! And how good the May sunset: red, purple, pink, purple and other shades are intertwined in one huge pattern of the dawn, pleasing the eyes with bright colors. And under the scent of lilac, waves spilling around, the soul overwhelmed with amazing sensations.

Spring passes very quickly, May will pass and will enter the rights of June, warming up the earth and air to unbearable temperatures. Delicate green leaves of the trees will cease to smell fresh and will become numb, in the air magic colors will cease to flow. A little quieter will be the singing of birds - they need to engage in offspring. Rains will not be so soft and clear. Until the May days have passed, you need to have time to enjoy them in plenty.

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