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Snowman (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Winter this year was so snowy, so cold! Biting frost and constant howls of the wind remind me that my most beloved holiday is coming - the New Year. I really liked to sit in the warmth and comfort, with a cup of hot tea, and read a book, and listen to the singing of blizzards outside the window. For this I love winter. For short days and long evenings. Tea scalding with lemon. And most of all I love snow. The sight of dancing in the beams of street lamps of snowflakes fills my soul with an inexplicable delight. Sitting on the windowsill and looking at the snowfall is my favorite pastime.

And when enough snow falls, you can also make a snowman. This I also love. This winter we made a snowman with the whole family. It was the morning of the day off. A lot of snow fell over the night, the whole yard was like one big snowdrift.

I fell to my knees, the snow played with the glow of the rising sun. And we made a snowman.

First one snowball, big, round, it was on my shoulder. Then the second - a little bit smaller. And the smallest, the head. The snowman turned out to be huge - so big, so impressive. And the bucket on his head looked like a real hat.

Such a snowman is now not just an ornament of the yard, but a real snow guard of the territory. He stands in his place, like a guard, with a bucket on his head instead of a helmet, and peers intently into the distance with the coals of artificial peepholes. His face would be quite severe and even terrible, if not for a bright nose-carrot and a good-natured smile, fashioned from small gravel. In the short right hand, the snowman is confident and calm, like a soldier's weapon, holding a long broom. You look at him, and it seems: someone will take a stranger to walk past the yard - immediately the old snowman will be knocking on the ground with a piece of his old broomstick. But such an impression is created only in the evening, and in the daytime, under the sunlight, a white clumsy sculpture seems quite a good-natured creature inviting children to play around it in snowballs.

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