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View from my window in winter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Winter always transforms the city, makes it clean, smart and a little mysterious. From my window you can see the usual urban development: a wide street with a continuous stream of cars, gray panel houses, shops, fussy passers-by. Absolutely nothing remarkable and unusual. But I really like to see the landscape when snow falls. White flakes falling from the sky - as a gift from nature itself, at any time of the day bringing a little bit of magic into everyday life.

The white carpet is covered with lawns, there are fluffy caps on cars, a unique pattern of snow falls on the branches of trees, hiding under the white cover of the path. It is interesting to watch people who constantly face winter surprises: here the driver clears the roof of the car from a thick layer of snow, but the two guys make their way through the swept path, raising their legs high. In all this there is something solemn, like fresh snow - this is some kind of renewal force, the source of new emotions and impressions.

Especially beautiful is the snowfall in the evening, when the warm light of the orange city lanterns makes the landscape ghostly and unreal.

Dancing snowflakes in the air, some unique sparkling glow emanating from the roads wrapped in white bedspreads, night lights and a glow above the city, all combine in a winter ensemble, rivet your eyes, make you admire.

An amusing gift of nature is snowfall, which occurred early in the morning. When people went to bed, outside the window was a gray and dull landscape. And when you opened your eyes, the room was filled with that bright light that gets into our dwellings only being reflected from the fresh snow cover. I want to run to the window and greet the winter with enthusiasm, which declared itself in full voice and transformed the whole landscape.

Hide all the nasty and unsightly, goes into the background of boredom of everyday life, there is some festivity and elegance, and with them - an inexplicable joy. I want to dress quickly and run out into the street to enjoy fresh snow. Lay in snowdrifts, trample down the first paths, play snowballs ...

Winter does not always please us with such a beautiful landscape. Someone will say that this is a drawback, and the winters are now not the same, dull and gloomy. But if the snow went every day, it would no longer have so much magic and romance. Because it is worth to thank and appreciate nature for every day, and every landscape seen outside the window.

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