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Snowfall (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Why is it often said that winter is a fabulous time of year? Maybe because other seasons come gradually? Somehow quietly the snow melts, the leaves begin to turn green in the spring. Then everything goes into the summer heat, and then slowly the nature fades, autumn comes. And now, one day you open your eyes - you look out the window and you see: winter started in one night. At night, while everyone slept there was snowfall. The snow covered everything with a white shiny carpet, transformed the earth, as if in a fairy tale.

Or, for example, you go to school in the morning for autumn slush, mood gloomy, sad. And you go out to go home - and the snow begins to spin. Huge cold snow flakes fly in the air, like magic. They fall on the face and hands and melt, and it's so nice! Although it's cold. As long as you reach the house, he will mark whole snowdrifts. That's how you leave the house in the autumn, and you come home - in the winter.

You walk in the snow - and he squeaks so cheerfully and cheerfully under your feet, it seems that this crunch is magic and you feel yourself in a fairy tale. Walking on fresh snow, tied up in snowdrifts, even falling in them is real pleasure. And does not interfere with the fact that snowflakes fall by the collar and there are melting.

Sometimes snow is piled up, as if someone had scattered a manga in the sky. Round small balls even bounce when they hit the ground. And with a rustle they knock on a jacket of dense material. And flakes - they fall silently, smoothly, as if dancing in the air. And the most beautiful snow is snowflakes. You'll never tire of looking at them. One will fall on a mitten and look at it, you consider its miniature twigs until it melts from your breath. Snowflakes never repeat each other and yet they are so beautiful, delicate, amazing.


Yes, winter, magic time of the year, fabulous. It adorns everything - cities, villages, forests, fields. At the disposal of other seasons, any colors. In winter, only one color is the color of the snow. But how cool winter is enjoying it. One snowfall - and everything looks different, festive, refreshed. The snow is refreshing, revitalizing. Everything after the snow looks solemn and majestic, all the dirt is hidden and hidden, the sun shines on the surface of the snow cover.

And if the snow starts to go to the evening, it's even better - you can manage to get out into the yard before nightfall and see how beautifully the snow falls in the electric light of street lamps. Although we all know that snowfall is an ordinary natural phenomenon, characteristic of a cold winter, we are not left with the feeling of a fairy tale during the fall of snow.

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