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Plants and trees (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Our world is extremely complex, multifaceted. It is like a sophisticated clock mechanism in which all the parts and gears are located exactly in their place and perform well-defined functions. Our world is magically beautiful, impressive. He is like a fashionable dresser who decorated himself with magnificent clothes, precious treasures.

Plants and trees are the garments of the world of a green shade, its cover, which gives life to us, to people. The green world is the main regulator of the oxygen content in the Earth's atmosphere, which this content holds at a stable value of almost twenty-one percent for millions of years. The importance of plants is not limited to this - they serve as food, raw materials, medicine, a source of aesthetic joy ...

Simply put, plants allow us to breathe.

Absorbing carbon dioxide, which we exhale, they secrete oxygen, compensating for the consumption of this most valuable substance for us. Plants give us coolness, comfort. Walking in the forest, in the park, in the garden - brings thoughts in order, relieves psychological stress. The ephemeral, stone world of urban buildings is a prison that we built for ourselves.

I believe that today's humanity is hypocritical in its needs. We praise nature, write poetry about it, draw it in pictures, like to walk in its forests, look at trees. Yes, there even green color already brings peace to most people. And together with all this, we deliberately or unconsciously destroy plants, trees, nature as a whole. For me, the most terrible type of human pest is one that realizes that it harms, suffers from something that hurts, but continues guiltily bowing his head to do it.

The world suffers from man, from his exorbitant needs. "The human appetite has grown to the size of a cathedral and is able to digest atoms by the power of its lust, " says the character of the famous modern film. What to do? The answer is banal. We need to start with ourselves, the universe begins with each individual person. Change yourself and you will change the world!

Plants and trees

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