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What I like to do (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every person has his own preferences and favorite pursuits. One does not need anything else, let me sit by the computer and look through the Internet pages. Someone likes reading books and magazines. And he does not hear anything around and does not see anything, he is busy with an interesting plot of the work. And some like to just walk in the yard with friends and comrades. I personally have a lot of favorite things that I can do with great pleasure.

I, strangely enough for a young man, I like to spend a lot of my free time in the circle of my big family. It's very interesting for me to talk with my father, he can ask about everything, and I will get an exhaustive answer to any question.

He knows a lot, I also want to be literate and knowledgeable. We can spend the whole day off in the kitchen with my mother. I really love cooking, especially if it's something new. My mother and I like to experiment and try to prepare different dishes from different cuisines of the world. To do this, we specifically go to the store, choose the products needed in the recipe. It's a pleasure to make a surprise for everyone in the form of a new dish after the cooking is over. Usually we try to decorate it very nicely and present it on a table in beautiful dishes.

One of the most favorite activities is spending time with your sister. She is still very small, she is only two years old. But she's already so funny and curious. It is necessary to watch her constantly so that she does not have time to "naskodit" anywhere. Her curiosity knows no bounds, everywhere she must check everything, look through all the lockers that she can reach. Mom even tied up some of the doors crosswise with an elastic band, so that my youngest beauty could not open them.

But the most, perhaps, favorite occupation is the trip of our whole family to nature. We try to do it more often. The whole friendly company we are loaded into the car, in the trunk of which the pickled meat is on a shish kebab, a whole bag of vegetables, fruits and other food plus a separate box for the provision of the sister. Not far, just a few kilometers from the city, there is a very beautiful place where we come on a day off. Dad immediately gives us all a task to collect dry branches for a fire, he himself puts a table and chairs on a clearing, his mother covers the table. Sister with granny at this time inspect the neighborhood, collect flowers and berries. While we are "eating" the appetite, Dad will already cook shish kebab and we all sit down in places, completely ready for such a pleasant meal. There is nothing to think about, everything is delicious. Fresh air, close relatives, what else is needed? While I have not grown much, I enjoy communicating with my family. I know that soon such will not happen, I will leave for another city, so I use the moment.

What I like to do.

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