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The meaning of my life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Most likely, each of us had a question about the meaning of life: why and for what man was born, does he live? It is not immediately possible to give an answer to it. The thing is that no one can give absolutely exact answers, because this very meaning is different for everyone and everyone. Many people, if they ask this question, will answer that they live for the sake of procreation, their meaning of life is to give birth to one or more children and dedicate their lives to them, educating them.

Another part of people devotes their lives and sees its meaning in some favorite business, profession. They are constantly moving towards this goal. There are those who want to be sure to remain their mark in history, but for this they want to do something important and grandiose, for example, a scientific discovery. And to whom it is enough to simply live and receive all the pleasures of life, without asking especially its meaning.

I think so, how many people, so many and their visions of the meaning of life.

After all, everyone has their own, it is called personal. And how to live it, only one person decides for himself. We, for the time being, are not such adults, listen to the advice of elders: teachers, comrades, relatives, whom we consider authoritative and have lived a large number of years, and parents. But still, each of us has a cherished dream, maybe it will be the meaning of my life?

When I'm at home alone or just before bed, I often think about what I mean by who I will be. I consider several variants of my future, perhaps they will really become the meaning of my whole future life. Most likely, I, after graduation in any of the higher education institutions and after receiving a diploma, I will find a job for myself. I will already have my own, separate from the parents apartment, perhaps as a family. I do not see anything ridiculous, because if we do not dream about our family, our children, then it's possible to die out like that. If we consider ourselves from the point of view of man as a species, then the continuation of the genus is a fairly serious meaning in life.

Of course, reading statistics on the Internet, we learn that in the modern world the population is growing very fast, it can be a terrible problem in the future and not just one, they include wars and epidemics that constantly appear in different parts of the Earth, and insufficient resources nature. All these factors can completely lead to the global collapse of all mankind. But this I would have taken into account if I had been a pathological skeptic, and I am a great optimist by nature. And I think therefore, that in the near future these problems can be solved with the help of laws. Such dark sides concerning the continuation of the human race simply do not need to happen.

The question of the meaning of life is not new, he was asked at all times, as he read in Pushkin such lines: "A gift in vain, a gift of chance, life, what have you given me?" He, too, once wanted to understand what the meaning of his life was, he was not unclear and incomprehensible. Perhaps the poet never answered himself to this question. We are now firmly convinced that his meaning of life was in these unsurpassed creations of prose, poetry and drama that he created. In this case, the poet's question is answered by distant descendants.

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