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Christmas (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

By the day of the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ, which in our family is very revered, we always very carefully prepare. We have a big family: my brother and two of our sisters, whom my father and mother took in the orphanage, my mother always prepares a lot of different delicacies that will be on the festive table on the holiday. Our part of preparation includes packing of numerous gifts that parents have bought, which we will take to children in the orphanage: they are colorful books with interesting tales and stories, drawing books, dolls for the youngest and many other things. When everything is ready, we undertake to make bright greeting cards to all our relatives and friends. Since the morning, having packed all the boxes, sachets and jars into the trunk (my mother always sends jam for the children), we are going to a meeting with the guys who live in the orphanage, where our sisters came from.

Since for our family to come to Christmas on a visit to these children has become a tradition, they are always waiting for us.

Approaching this two-story building, we see their faces looking out of the windows. This holiday of love and mercy. Many children from orphanages dream of living in families where there is a mother, a father, a grandmother, and a grandfather. Therefore, we, brought up by parents so as not to remain indifferent to someone else's misfortune, are very pleased to visit this house. We can no longer truly enjoy our gifts on this day, knowing that other children do not have such an opportunity. If you could see their eyes when they meet us. It's hard to leave, but we know that at least some of the good and joy we gave to these disadvantaged children.

One evening, before Christmas, my family and I were drinking tea, and my mother asked what a cherished dream we had. After all, you can ask God for her and he will fulfill it. For some reason, I very much wanted that we could build a very large house, not only for children who were without parents, but also for old people who were left alone, without relatives. I think that there would always be enough room for all the disadvantaged. For children, we would open a special school where they could be educated. A family doctor would come to visit us, who would monitor the health of everyone who lives in this big and cozy house. Everyone will be surrounded by caress and warmth of each other, because it is so important for children and the elderly. Then we all could meet Christmas together with a very large and friendly family.

Mom was not surprised that I have such a dream, she also, it turns out, was thinking about it. I hope that our and my mother's ideas will come true sometime in the foreseeable future. Therefore, the night before Christmas, we make our most cherished desires.

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