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My family (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is very important for every person that he has the happiest family. It's not just mom and dad, sisters and brothers, but grandmothers and grandfathers. This is a reliable stronghold, where everyone is loved and always waiting. The house is an important part of a person's entire life, from the earliest carefree childhood to the very last days. It is not for nothing that specialists who conduct sociological surveys approve, in a happy family, as a rule, people live longer. And all because this is their home, their family, in which everyone is surrounded by attention and care for each other. If the family respects the elders, treat them with benevolence and affection, it is perfectly seen by the children, and they, already creating their family, do the same, taking the example from their parents.

Continuity of generations, family traditions - all these are very important components of any family.

You can ask passers-by what is included for them in the concept of "happiness", believe me, many will say that this is a family. In it, the closest, dearest and most reliable people are their parents. Now many mothers not only raise children, sitting at home, but also manage to work in a variety of spheres. They are able to achieve the highest professional heights and successes, but the most important thing for them is the family. Mother's caress, warmth and tenderness, which we feel from the very first day of life, will not replace anything in the world. That's just amazing when they manage everything: and help with the preparation of lessons, and get out in the apartment, and prepare all the yummy, without forgetting at the same time who exactly and what he loves? And the climate in the family? Again, Mom, she calms and regrets, and scolds, but not much, maybe Dad's about the tricks and pranks of the children do not say anything. All mothers in the world are the keepers of the family hearth since the earliest times.

Very important in the family are the mutual assistance of all its members, well-being and kindness. It's a pleasure to prepare for the holidays together, be it the New Year or the 8th of March, and then sit at a big and necessarily round table a big friendly company. Memories of various events that took place in the family, remain in the memory for many years, they bring joy to all, unite different age generations. And it's nice to see an old, gray-haired grandfather holding a toothless smiling grandson on his worn out hands. What is the light of the eyes of this man, who is so close and dear to all. In happy families and old people they live better, they feel constant concern for themselves, respect and attention, they do not need more. Such friendly gatherings are the bridges that unite the family. Here you can ask advice, and share your joy or grief, but one thing remains the same - you will always be listened to and helped, and who else will do it better, if not my family.

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