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My favorite sport (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the world there are a lot of different kinds of sports. They are different from each other, so there is plenty to choose from for your individual taste and desire. Sports should be done necessarily, it is better to have a good, long-term friendship with him. After all, it is correctly said that life is a movement. If we want to grow up and become a healthy generation in our country, then sport can help us in this very seriously. Sports can be different, so: you can do professionally, you can just to raise your tone and mood. Both of them bring only good. Everyone chooses this or that sport. I, for example, are engaged in playing football, this is my favorite pastime and, probably, even a hobby. In any sport there are advantages, I chose this one, so many of my friends have played for a long time, they like it.

I generally like different games in which the ball participates.

Whether it's basketball, volleyball or others. Ask why? The answer is simple, they are very interesting, mobile and exciting. And they are team, that is, the success of the game depends not on one player, but on the participation of the entire team, that is, the team. Football is a very "old" sport. He appeared in our country from England. But judging by historical descriptions, this game, or similar to it, was played by the Indians of the Maya tribe. To date, this game is considered the most common in the world. A huge number of people living on the planet Earth, play with pleasure in football, and even more, is their fans and fans. They have their favorite players - idols. Who does not know such names as Maradona, Zidane, Arshavin or Shevchenko? Even those who are far from sports and they know that they are world football stars.

Why is this sport so fond of? With it, not only speed develops, but intelligence and endurance increase, you must learn the accuracy and speed of the reaction here. Plus, the body's hardening. Training takes place at any time of the year, but always on the street, whether early spring or late autumn. In football, people who have a very strong sense of excitement play.

We have our own football team at school. We have already won several championships of the city, so we will soon go to another area to play with the same schoolchildren. We have a great coach, he teaches physical culture lessons at our school, and used to be a professional football player. He has something to tell us. He knows how to teach us how to play this exciting game. Even if none of us is a professional in sports, then still the benefits of these activities are very large. We have a very friendly team, we are one team of like-minded people headed by our coach. All the victories are yet to come.

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