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Why do I need to read books (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Times when the book was considered the best gift, unfortunately, long ago were left behind. Now it is less and less possible to meet people who prefer to spend their free time reading, since many other more interesting activities have appeared.

The judgment that the book is the main source of knowledge, many today also strongly reject. Opponents of reading argue that they can find the desired information on the Internet or, for example, watch a scientific broadcast on TV.

It seems to me that such a position is not without reason, since access to knowledge in our time has indeed become more free. There are many articles and videos on the worldwide network, films are regularly produced on the works of classical literature, and on famous figures of science, culture and art they are told on TV.

On the other hand, the information that comes to us through television or the Internet is not original.

It has already been adapted for perception, and in some cases greatly simplified and distorted beyond recognition. That is why only books can give us access to true knowledge, and this is their true value.

Of course, the notion of books has changed a lot lately. Now they are released in electronic and audio format. Perhaps this makes acquaintance with art works, scientific and philosophical works more convenient, but I still like ordinary paper editions.

I like to visit bookstores and libraries. Reading books, inhaling the smell of time from the yellowed pages, or feeling how fresh the paper creaks under my fingers, I completely immerse myself in the atmosphere of the events described. This allows me to make an amazing trip to uncharted measures and to come into contact with something great, mysterious and beautiful.

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