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Every person stands in this world only as much as he makes himself appreciate. A. Knigge (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

People live the same life, but they do not live the same way. Man is only a person when he realizes his actions. Living in society, does not harm society, but helps him. To live for others means to be ready to sacrifice your time, not to become isolated in your own world. A person first of all should think about his mission in this world. What for me is life: entertainment, pleasure due to the fact that already created or creativity, the struggle for the best against all humiliating people? What is more important for me: my personal well-being or happiness of other people, the happiness of the whole society?

In front of me is a photograph.

On the bench lies an old man with a pipe in his mouth. His head is covered with gray thinned hair. The whiskers turned yellow with tobacco. But the most remarkable are the blue eyes that are looking far into the distance. A nice man, this old man is my grandfather.

As a child, he remained without a father, and all the responsibilities fell on his fledgling shoulders. He worked as a grown man. Many had to experience and survive the grandfather, because he fell into the very maelstrom of the events of history.

Once my grandfather's old friend invited him to a wedding. Suddenly, a kerosene lamp exploded during the wedding. Burning kerosene splashed in all directions. The house was flamed. People rushed to kick the windows and get out. In turmoil, they forgot about the babies who slept in the next room. Every minute the ceiling threatened to collapse. My grandfather rushed into the blazing house. Soon he ran out with two children, wrapped in a charred blanket. The children did not suffer at all, but grandfather was hardly alive. He was placed in a hospital, but the doctors could not do anything, because the burns were very heavy. The next day I was told to say goodbye to him. I was small and did not understand why parents have such sad faces and tearful eyes. A bandaged man was lying on the bed, and only through the wonderful blue eyes did I recognize in him my glorious grandfather. He showed his eyes where to sit, and said quietly: "Remember, granddaughter, everything comes and goes: glory, riches, power; only life is immortal - the most beautiful thing that is given to man. Do not try to live on a wolf, do not choke on someone else's piece, because dying, you can not take anything with you. " He closed his eyes. The next day my grandfather was gone, but the memory of the man was left with a capital letter.

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