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society (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Does society in general affect a person? Certainly! Robert Becher, the German poet and prose writer, said that man becomes a man only among people. The meaning of the quote, it would seem, is obvious, but it has a profound meaning. The environment in which a person lives, greatly affects him. It is unlikely that there is a native inhabitant in the village who would quote the great philosophers. However, there are some exceptions. Sometimes society can negatively affect a person. In such cases, it is important to listen to your inner voice and find the strength to follow it. I'll try to argue my opinion. In literature lessons, we often analyzed literary works of Russian writers. My favorite is Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy's novel "Roman and the World". Reading the work, we unwittingly imbued with the atmosphere of a secular society of the early nineteenth century.

Falsity, lies, hypocrisy. However, love did not immediately become a "product" of the higher world. They were "reworked" society, and not for the better. The family of Kuragins is a typical "product" of the higher world. However, some find the strength to resist the secular society. This is Andrei Bolkonsky and Pierre Bezukhov. For the first time we get acquainted with the heroes in the salon of AP Scherer. In Bezukhov we see the naturalness and the desire to be frank. Bolkonsky is fed up with secular society. For Pierre highest light- "phenomenon" new, so he, in the opinion of guests, behaves in a strange way. "Naive child" has not yet been spoiled by society and, as we already know, will not spoil. Pierre will be able to retain in himself the original qualities and will make a moral maturation. Andrew Bolkonsky also, until the end of his days, renounced the high world. As we see, society does not always affect people for the better. If a person has an inner strength, he can remain true to his views. Thus, I believe that society, of course, affects each of us. It nurtures many qualities in a person, but sometimes it can have a negative impact. It is very important to listen to yourself and act according to your conscience.

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